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Category Insight

Avocado Category Management is the systematic approach to understanding and identifying individual market behaviors for strategically enhanced performance and profitability. West Pak provides market specific data, category options, resources, secure account management through online accounting and trade links to maximize your avocado category.

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Market-Specific Data

Utilizing Industry specific data in providing avocado category performance by region, including trends relative to the national market, regional composite data, historical data, market DMA reports, fruit trending reports, category reports and other useful metrics. Let us help you understand these statistics to better manage your Avocado Category and accurately identify market specific sales opportunities.

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Category Options

Are you thinking outside the box when it comes to the management of your Avocado Category? We provide customized pack options designed for individualized market behaviors that deliver the best configuration for your market. Let the leader in product innovation assist you in engineering a concept that works towards refining your category.

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Resources and Online Accounting

West Pak provides dynamic and secure online resources for our customers. Through collective data management, conveniently access online tools to create informed decisions on your category's performance. Whether it is real-time, day-to-day electronically generated content delivered to your inbox, or year-over-year trend data, the information is at your fingertips.

Online Accounting
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Trade Links

We have an active role in each of the Avocado Boards. Through constant communication with our trade associations, let us connect you to available opportunities, imaginative promotions, contests and marketing programs aimed at growing your Avocado Category. We invite you to browse the Avocado Marketing Commission sites to access and utilize the array of tools that are available to you.

Trade Links