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Grilled Avocado Bacon Skewers


2 Avocados: Halved, Pitted, Peeled & Sliced
4 Roma Tomatoes
16 Pieces of Thick Sliced Turkey
16 Strips Peppered Bacon
Salt & Pepper to taste
16 Short Skewers


Take each avocado half and remove from the skin with a large spoon keeping the fruit of the avocado intact.
Cut each half into quarters. Set aside.
Cut each tomato into quarters and remove all the seeds. Set aside.
Lay each strip of bacon flat.
Fold one piece of turkey to fit on top of each bacon strip.
Top the turkey slices with one piece of avocado and tomato.
Season with salt and pepper, to taste.
Roll the bacon and turkey around the avocado and tomato pieces tightly and skewer.
Add one roll to each skewer.
Cook the skewers on a medium hot grill until the bacon is fully cooked.