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Ripening Program


The Sinclair IQ! Firmness Tester is a non-destructive method for testing the pressure or ripeness of each preconditioned avocado

The process evaluates the overall ripeness of the fruit by physically testing the pressure on all four sides of the avocado

An overall pressure reading is assigned to each piece of fruit

The fruit is then sorted by pressure range and repacked according to customer preferences


The IQ! Machine is the most efficient and accurate way to grade fruit according to pressure and ripeness

Batch consistency is increased and boxes are repacked according to ripeness and pressure

Eliminates “Checker-Boarding” due to ripeness variation

Creates custom ranges tailored to each specific customers requirements

Increases sales by building dependability

Reduces shrink by receiving only the stage of ripeness requested

Removes overly hard and overly ripe fruit from packs

Why use Pressure Testing Technology?

Fruit ripening timelines and how the fruit will react to preconditioning differ greatly between origin, season and maturity as well as many other factors
Maturity differences in fruit in early and late season cause fruit to ripen 
differently in the box

Mexican packs have up to four blooms in one box. Each bloom has a different maturity level and will ripen differently

Horticultural techniques, grove temperatures and grove location will affect how the fruit will ripen

Pressure testing basically guarantees that all the fruit in every box will meet the exact ripeness requirements of each customer